Fortress Transportation & Infrastructure

FTAI is among the most active investors in the transportation/infrastructure area with ~$16 billion in assets acquired. They turned to Reitdesign after a prior attempt to brand the company in advance of a public offering had failed. As is typical for any new client, we conducted an intensive discovery process to understand FTAI’s business goals, competition and design preferences before undertaking the assignment.

Armed with this learning, reitdesign prepared several treatments, integrating logo image with company name across different color palettes and layouts. Once FTAI chose the winner, we created a comprehensive set of Brand Guidelines, outlining precise use of the logo, options for single color, minimum sizing and clearance, as well as particular typography and color systems for different versions. These guidelines were then translated into applications for business cards, letterhead and Powerpoint to insure the brand looked consistent across all correspondence and materials.

FTAI was now smartly dressed in professional attire for its public offering.