Global Pet Expo 2015

Imagine a Trade Expo with nearly 1000 exhibitors, 3000 products showcased, celebrity appearances and 5500 attendees, all focused on furry, feathered or gilled creatures. The largest event of its kind in the world, the Global Pet Expo needed a visual identity and marketing strategy to match its scale and carry across its entire portfolio of display and promotional items.

A great campaign begins with a great idea–reitdesign has developed hit campaigns for two consecutive GPE events, starting with “Too Big To Miss” in 2014. This year we followed up that success with “Unleash Your Business Potential”. In each case, our creative theme provided the stage for imagery and tactics across every aspect of the Expo’s outreach, including lobby signage, banners, workshop posters, print ads, e-blasts, direct mail, brochure–virtually anything that was needed. The immersive experience that resulted charmed participants with its colorful imagery, improved attendee navigation and enhanced business results.