Global Pet Expo 2017

We love our furry, feathered and scaly friends–but did you know that our pets are a $221 billion economic powerhouse? The Global Pet Expo is the largest, longest established international tradeshow in the business, ranked as one of the top 100 trade shows in the nation. For 60 years, the Pet Expo’s new product showcases have connected mom-and-pop ventures with the big dogs on the block. In 2014, Global Pet Expo wanted an update and re-focus. Reitdesign sat up and paid attention, combining focused marketing strategies with a joyful visual flair that matches the Expo’s balance between the love of pets and big business.

Reitdesign has developed hit campaigns for four consecutive GPE events, from “Unleash Your Business Potential” to “Pets Mean Big Business.” Every year our creative theme is supported by imagery and strategies across the Expo’s outreach. With colorful, pet-focused lobby signage, banners, workshop posters, direct mail, and brochures, we provide an immersive experience. The result? Charmed participants, improved attendee navigation, and enhanced business results. That’s a pedigree we’re proud of!