Heritage Flight Academy

When creating the website for Ronkonkoma-based aviation school Heritage Flight Academy, we wanted to convey the glamor of flight while giving potential pilots the information needed to realize their dreams.

With the home page’s expansive imagery and a parallax scrolling effect, students begin with a bird’s eye seat in the cockpit. Next, as with flying itself, the website’s sense of freedom had to be based within easily navigable information. Prior to reitdesign’s involvement, the school’s site was weighted down by an overwhelming excess of detailed information. We streamlined the site and clarified the content, creating an elegantly consolidated drop-down bar that allows students access to the broad variety of Heritage Academy’s course offerings and training requirements for both recreational and professional pilots—while still connecting to their powerful sense of calling. As Heritage Flight Academy director Stephen Placa likes to remind us, “You don’t choose flying — it chooses you.” Now Heritage Flight Academy’s mission and information is easily accessible to future pilots, along with the sense that with a little dedication, dreams of flying can be realized—and further achievement is just over the horizon.