New York Water Authority

The New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority (NYW) funds New York’s water supply and ensures its purity. And what’s good for the City’s water is (naturally) good for its aquatic wildlife. That observation became the focus of the organization’s 2014 annual report. So what would be the best way to bring this new theme to life?

Reitdesign took a deep dive into this unique project, conducting our own research and coming up with some real pearls about the myriad creatures that call the depths of the City home (i.e., “Beavers were once hunted almost to extinction, but are now thriving in New York City waterways”… “There is a red, white, and blue species of crayfish”). When it came time to do the annual report, we leveraged our findings by pairing these little-known facts with eye-catching illustrations of species typically found in New York’s waterways. Talk about making a big splash…