NYU Press

NYU Press was founded in 1916 by Elmer Ellsworth Brown, then Chancellor of the University, in order to ‘publish contributions to higher learning by eminent scholars’. Nearly one hundred years later, the Press continues to thrive, expanding its offerings and working collaboratively with other educational institutions to insure its founder’s mandate is realized. Reitdesign has been commissioned to create logos for the various publishing houses under its umbrella, as well as to design a website for the American Literature Initiative (ALI).

Reitdesign’s initial project was for ALI, which required logos for each of its 5 publishing houses as well as a robust website. While mimicking the structure and design of NYU Press, we maintained a distinct look and as part of this project, created parallel content in both Arabic and English. Our logo solution was a stylized image of a gazelle—chosen both for its graceful qualities and in deference to the Arabic derivation of the word Ghazai, meaning elegant and quick. 

Logo Explorations