Liz Reitman

5 min | Leadership & Management Musings

Behind the Scenes: A Website Excavation

Some days, the life of a creative design team can be tons of fun. During those days, REIT’s passion for creative work shines brightest as we strive to deliver our latest marketing masterpiece.

The rebrand for our client, NYCProsthodontics (NYCPros), is a project where we have been fortunate enough to truly connect with our client’s staff and philosophy. The journey has been exciting and evolving. What began as a website refresh expanded into updating the overall brand, including the logo and messaging. As a result, we got to unleash creativity through a variety of REIT services.

We kicked off things in a strategy meeting with the whole team.

We focused on their differentiators, core values, and where they envision the practice in 10 years.

Logo Solutions

“We leaned into the name as a strong part of the brand design. Then, we incorporated a sophisticated color palette and clean typeface,” shared Liz Reitman, REIT founder and creative director.

Web Designs

“For the website, itself, we were able to push the boundaries of typical healthcare website designs, which can be sterile. Our goal is to tell a story, elicit a connection with the viewer,” continued Liz.

Let’s Make a Movie: Using Videos to Tell a Story

We realized the best way to share NYCPros’ message was visually—through videos, testimonials, and action shots. Over a two-day visit, REIT professional photography and videography captured “a day in the life.” This allows website visitors an intimate peek into the practice: the offices, exam rooms, and staff (including the furry one!).

Video footage also provided an opportunity for the practitioners to explain complicated ideas in practical terms. Patient testimonials, including before-and-after photos, give firsthand insight and truly represent the life-changing work NYCPros is doing.

“NYCPros has given us intimate access to their work, team, and culture. We’ve been able to capture a real sense of their business, including their ethics and successful approach to patient care,” notes Liz.

Soon, and with pride, REIT will launch NYCPros new website. We cannot wait to share it with the world! Stay tuned …