Case Study

Rebranding a leading healthcare consultancy

Creating a brand with purpose, clarity and passion: ENTRADA

The new visual brand, website and copy repositioned ENTRADA as the healthcare industry’s go-to partner for breakthrough strategic solutions and digital engagement.


ENTRADA came to us to elevate their brand beyond the nuts-and-bolts healthcare marketing work that built their reputation. Increasingly, their healthcare and pharmaceutical clients were facing uphill battles to succeed in today’s highly regulated environment, and needed more than traditional marketing to thrive. ENTRADA asked us to create a brand that would stand apart in their industry for its elegance, simplicity and innovative tone, and position them as a leading healthcare consultancy.


During our discovery phase we interviewed stakeholders, conducted competitive research and explored the world of healthcare innovation, we uncovered key insights that drove our work. We questioned and validated ENTRADA’s unique approach to solving the most complex challenges in healthcare. Building from our insights, we designed a visual identity system informed by brand watchwords: Innovation, disruption, customization, agility, intersection, process and thought leaders.


Building from our research and strategic approach, we created a bold visual identity system — logo, color palette, typography and graphics — to establish ENTRADA as unique in its marketplace. We crafted a visual system drawn from the letterforms of our elegant new wordmark with juxtaposed linear planes and a compelling dimensional interplay.

The Result

As bold and modern as it is approachable and thought provoking, we launched the new ENTRADA brand system and online messaging with an innovative website. As we deconstructed the “E” letterform from the new icon’s rotated mid-letter stroke, we crafted a visual system unique to our client that spoke directly to the agile, disruptive solutions ENTRADA creates. 


Built to move, scale and inspire interaction

We designed movement and interactive navigation tools into the new website with clean, linear forms that enable users to effortlessly navigate the site while literally experiencing the innovative nature of the brand and ENTRADA’s unique offering. 

Color and type as counterpoint

We selected a muted color palette and sophisticated but simple typeface for headlines and web copy to provide a distinctive counterpoint to the boldness of the brand iconography and graphic system.

Services Provided:
  • Visual Brand System
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Graphic system
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Online messaging and web copy

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