Case Study

Redefining the world’s leading convention center

Elevating brand and marketing for the world’s leading convention center:

Selected as Agency of Record from a field of 20 contenders, REIT was asked to modernize the Javits brand and create a holistic suite of marketing materials to take the convention center into its 4th decade.


While Javits is known globally as the world’s premier convention center, generating $1.5 billion in economic activity and creating extraordinary business opportunities annually, the Center’s brand had become dated and did not reflect its evolution as a leader in sustainability, security, technology and innovation. The brand and marketing suite needed to set a new standard for convention centers and reflect the latest ideas in business, culture and community.


We began with the brand. We refreshed the logo, updated the color palette and typography to amplify impact, and designed a bold approach to the Center’s business papers and graphics. The refreshed brand, with its new commitment to clarity and consistency, set the stage for deeper audience engagement while also equipping our team with the assets to create an elegant, diverse and effective portfolio of marketing materials.


With the refreshed visual identity and style guide heartily endorsed by leadership, we brought the new brand to life across print, signage, environmental, web and digital communications. We began with the website as the hub of communication and then built out integrated marketing and campaign materials, from annual reports, brochures and event collateral to social media campaigns, videos, promotional items and more.

The Result

The new brand and suite of materials brought both elegance and humanity to all marketing and communications. The strategic simplicity of the design solutions ensured all materials had the clarity and consistency to elevate, differentiate and communicate the range and value of Javits Center offerings.


As Agency of Record, REIT was also charged with supporting the Javits Center’s unprecedented expansion through the build out of Hudson Yards, the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States and the largest development in New York City since Rockefeller Center.

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Redesigning the website for today’s audiences

With the new brand in hand, we redesigned and developed a new website that reflected the dynamism of the Javits Center’s offerings and the dynamic quality of the convention center space in the heart of New York City. We created a robust event calendar, ordering system and customizable information for exhibitors, planners and visitors. A user-friendly content management system and seamless display across desktop, tablet and mobile gave both the Javits team and site visitors the ease-of-use needed to make the website a powerful, effective hub of all marketing and communication campaigns.

Highlighting successes, contributions and growth through Annual Reports

Since 2014, we have produced award-winning annual reports for the Javits Center. Each report builds on the Center’s successes using bold data points, compelling visuals and engaging, thematic spreads. Using stunning photography to humanize the Center’s purpose, operations and offerings, we showcase key achievements, detailed growth, and shone a light on the year closing and the year ahead.

Elevating events and bringing clarity of place within one of the world’s largest convention centers

Each year the Javits Center hosts numerous business, political and community-driven events and benefits, including in 2016 the celebration of the Center’s 30th Anniversary. We’ve created print and online invitations, programs, TV screens, gift bags, stickers and even podium signs, to make sure that every event at the Javits Center achieves its desired goal.

Creating community and driving engagement on social media

In our first year, we launched the Javits Center new social media presence with a campaign to promote events and increase attendance. From strategy to photography and custom graphics, we crafted social campaigns that dramatically boosted followers across all platforms and drove engagement with customers and city residents. The program raised awareness of initiatives, supported local community and demonstrated accessibility and transparency with consistent auditing of comments and writing thoughtful, useful replies to comments and inquiries.

Telling the Javits story with video

Over the last two years REIT has expanded its video production services to create a series of short films promoting the Javits Center, its successes and initiatives. The videos have been distributed across social media channels and shown at Javits-hosted events.

Services Provided:

As Agency of Record, REIT provided holistic brand, marketing and campaign strategy and solutions including

  • Branding
  • Website redesign and development
  • Annual reports
  • Brochures and external collateral
  • Communications support
  • Internal collateral and communications
  • Event campaigns and collateral
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Social media programs and campaigns
  • Videos
  • Promotional items and holiday cards

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