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Celebrating Reit Clients Championing Sustainability

Did you know Earth Day is April 22? Established in 1970, Earth Day seeks “to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide” (EARTHDAY.ORG). In recognition, we’re spotlighting some of the great work Reit’s done with our clients championing sustainability, wildlife, and natural resources. When you have the opportunity to work on projects with clients that advocate for our earth and its inhabitants, you learn something new every day! So we compiled some fun takeaways and tips that we learned over the years.

NYC Audubon Society

We recently refreshed NYC Audubon’s site design and brand presence — and had the opportunity of working with a great group of people who care about the conservation of birds and their habitats in NYC. Did you know that there are more than 300 species of birds that nest in, migrate through or call New York City home? Plus, NYC Audubon Society protects 30,000 acres of green space and 500 miles of shorelines for birds and other wildlife.

Ways to get involved: A frequent bird watcher? Or new to the scene? NYC Audubon Society conduct over 200 education programs a year, including field trips to local birding hotspots and destinations out of state, a lecture series, our “Feathered Friends” After School Birding Club, classes, a seasonal nature center at Governors Island, community science opportunities, seasonal bird surveys, and volunteer events. Learn more about NYC Audubon Society programs & events, take action, or donate directly.

NYC Department of Sanitation

Reit was tasked with finding fun, approachable ways to draw awareness to the NYC Department of Sanitation’s curbside organics campaign — encouraging residents to redirect food waste and yard scraps out of landfills and into compost and renewable energy resources. Did you know that DSNY collects more than 10,500 tons of residential and institutional garbage and 1,760 tons of recyclables each day? As efficient managers of solid waste, litter removal, and snow storm clearing, DSNY is no stranger to cleanup. To take this one step further, the DSNY has committed to sending zero waste to landfills by 2030. DSNY partners with the Sanitation Foundation, the DSNY’s official non-profit partner, to make this a reality.

Ways to get involved: Want to remove some baggage from your life? The Sanitation Foundation hosts Zero Waste Academy, a virtual educational series to share information on issues of waste and pollution, and provide zero-waste education and resources for taking the trash out! Sanitation Foundation also offers events & educational programming, volunteer opportunities and donation opportunities to get involved and further support their work.

NYC Javits Center

We’ve worked with the Javits Center for years and are thrilled to continue to help them highlight their green roof initiatives. Did you know that the Javits Center has a 6.75 acre green roof, one of the largest of its kind in the United States? Since 2019, the Center has expanded their sustainability initiatives to include honey bee hives and solar renewable energy installations (the Center has overseen the installation of 1.4 megawatts of solar renewable energy on the rooftop). What’s more, in 2021 this historic expansion includes the opening of the one-acre rooftop farm, which is managed by local rooftop farming specialists Brooklyn Grange. The team conducts farming operations according to organic practices in 18-inch deep compost based-soil, incorporates Farmshelf units (soilless hydroponic indoor farms that produce herbs, greens, and edible flowers with roots suspended in water), and is expected to grow up to 40,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables a year! The green rooftop not only improves the quality of life for NYC residents and reduces energy consumption from the Center, but also contributes to the preservation of wildlife, including over 29 bird species and 5 bat species, as well as bees, insects, and more.

Ways to get involved: Looking for more greenery in your life? The Javits Center conducts daily rooftop tours for residents and visitors to learn more about the benefits of green roofing and solar initiatives, as well as explore the wildlife inhabitants that call NYC home.

NYC Water Authority

We’ve worked with NYC Water Authority throughout the years on their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (“CAFR”). Did you know that they not only manage our drinking water, but also the water surrounding NYC? Get to know some of the sea creatures that also call our city home:
-The lined seahorse is the only species regularly found in NYC waters. It inhabits eel grass beds and can reach up to eight inches long
Silver hake can be found anywhere, from Coney Island to 2,400 feet out in the bay
– In the Bronx, South Brother Island’s abundance of marine life makes it the perfect oasis for hundreds of breeding egrets, herons, ibises, and other birds
Sea turtles arrive in New York every year in late June as water temperatures start to rise
– Native wetland plants, like cattails, help filter storm water in Staten Island’s bluebelts
– There are red, white and blue species of crayfish found in New York waters
Beavers were once hunted almost to extinction for their pelts, but now are thriving in New York City waterways

Get to know your mother this Earth Day…you just may learn something new!