Liz has a conversation with Michael Koehler, CEO and Founder of KONU, as part of our focus this month.

Liz has a conversation with Vanessa Rissetto CEO + Founder of Culina Health, as part of our focus this month.

Liz has a conversation with Liz Picarazzi, CEO + Founder of CITIBIN, as part of our focus this month.

Liz talks with George Constantinou, a restauranteur and CEO + CFO of Mil Gustos Hospitality Group, as part of our focus this month.

Liz chats with Cheryl Gentry, a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of Glow Global Events, as part of our focus this month.

Holidays on your mind? Nothing can transport us to that magical moment quite like a holiday drink! The team at Reit had the treat of working with Cresimo on a new branding packaging project to take that metaphorical feeling into the physical realm.

Take a look at some of Liz’s favorite NYC spots to bring some peace, calm, joy, and connection to you and yours this holiday season!

Can you believe we're just around the corner from the 2023 holiday season?! We're big fans of the holidays at Reit and are well known for our client gifts (IYKYK). 'Tis the season to check out our favorite holiday gifts from years' past!

This month Liz's daughter, Aidan Conley, joins Liz for a special episode of REIT's Women Supporting Women series. Aidan shares her perspective on growing up with entrepreneurs — and we, in turn, learn about Liz’s experiences as a working parent.

Liz connects with long-time friend, colleague, REIT client, and newly minted entrepreneur Russell Markman, founder and CEO of Collegiate Retail Consulting Group, for our September Founders in Focus series.

Join Liz and Sel (Sue-Ellen) Watts, serial entrepreneur and current EONY President, on the west coast for our August Founders in Focus series, which covers several topics under the sun including leadership, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle.

Our July Founders in Focus series features Rowena Scherer, fellow EO member and founder, president, and chef at eat2explore. Liz and Rowena sit down to chat entrepreneurship, mentorship, and navigating life as business owners, parents, and women.

Liz connects with Jeffrey Bowman, co-founder and CEO of Reframe, for our latest Founders in Focus feature to discuss Bowman’s entrepreneurship journey and his solution to a decades old problem that nearly every organization faces.

Liz Reitman sits down with Alan Steel, CEO of the Javits Center, to discuss the sustainability initiatives and conservation efforts of the center, as well as the thread of community care present in both of their leadership values.

Liz Reitman and Casie Fariello get together to talk co-parenting Other Parents Like Me (OPLM) in the midst of a whirlwind few years since co-founding the community.

Reit’s founder Liz Reitman sits down with Richard Levychin, CPA, a Partner with Galleros Robinson Certified Public Accountants and Advisors and fellow EO member to discuss entrepreneurship and our experience in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Before 2004, only agencies with over $10 million in revenue gained industry recognition for their work. Think Pentagram, BBDO, Havas... you name it. Big budgets, big awards. Starting my business out of the gates at 24, I never imagined my small shop

Holidays on your mind? Nothing can transport us to that magical moment quite like a holiday drink! The team at Reit had the treat of working with Cresimo on a new branding packaging project to take that metaphorical feeling into the physical realm.

We wrap up the discussion between Liz Reitman and Lisa Malat by diving into family – what that term means to a company culture, what it means as working mothers, and what support systems they leaned on to build their personal and professional lives

We had so much fun talking to our client, Jon Chapski (Managing Partner), about our chocolate packaging project with Big Gay Ice Cream. We’re super excited to share a behind the scenes look of what’s to come...

Reit had a hand in concepting and creating the branding for OPLM, and we’d like to walk you through the thinking behind the design! As with building a community, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in crafting a brand.

May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, representing an opportunity to check in with one another and ourselves. Each year, millions of people face the reality of living with mental health challenges, and I gather that many of us have been touched by

Recently, Liz reconnected with Lisa Malat, former President and Chief Operating Officer of Barnes & Noble College and one of the strong, forward-thinking women Liz had the joy of working with for over 20 years!

Reit founder and EONY VP & Mentorship Chair, Liz Reitman, and Debbie Kiederer (Founder, ChalkDust Consulting, Vanishing Hanger and EONY President) kick us into Part 2 of our Women Founders in Focus conversation.

A buoy for me as I navigate through a storm (or these days, several storms) are my people. I understand the value of support in my own life and how those relationships pave the way to other strong connections in the lives of others.

Some of our greatest creative ideas stem from personal experience. And for me that is no different. As an entrepreneur since the age of 24, I learned early on that the best way forward is through.

2021 was another wild ride, but the team at Reit hit some major accomplishments in the midst of it all!

On top of running reitdesign and recently rebranding the company, our founder Liz Reitman has taken on two Board leadership roles for Entrepreneurs’ Organization New York (EONY): Vice President and the Mentorship Chair. She teams up with Debbie Kie

I really do anything and everything design-related! From moodboards, sketches, and high-level concepting to execution, edits, and more. It’s nice being in a small studio because I get to have a part in every project and client we work with.

Did you hear the news? Reitdesign has officially rebranded! After 25 years in the biz we’ve updated our branding to better reflect who we are, what we do, what we stand for, and what we’re building as we move towards the future.

May is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which “pays tribute to the generations of Asian and Pacific Islanders who have enriched America’s history and are instrumental in its future success” (Asian Pacific Heritage).

Did you know Earth Day is April 22? Established in 1970, Earth Day seeks “to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide” (EARTHDAY.ORG). In recognition, we’re spotlighting some of the great work Reit’s done...

When I founded Reit over 25 years ago at 24 years old, I had no idea my design studio would still be kicking today -- with such a powerful group of women leading the charge.

As reitdesign’s Creative Project Coordinator, I wear a lot of hats! Essentially the base of my position is to create successful, constructive relationships with our clients so our team can create great work...

What a year. A time of transformational growth. With big milestones. And a reminder of who we are, what we want, and what we hold dear. One constant remains true for us at reitdesign, and has since our beginning: New York City.

As we close out November, we’re taking a moment to celebrate a big anniversary at reitdesign: 25 years. A quarter of a century in business is no small feat, especially in the midst of a challenging year.

To say COVID-19 has pulled everyone out of their comfort zones would be a gross understatement. As a business owner, it largely goes unsaid that the uncertainty and changes we’re experiencing in our current climate are challenging...

New year… new decade… catchy new concepts. At reitdesign, we’re always looking for fresh and unusual approaches, the perfect tactic to elevate a brand’s awareness and stimulate usage, though from what’s out there, I’m beginning to wonder.

Reitdesign proudly works with many non-profit organizations and the awareness it offers, the perspective it provides deepens our gratitude for the many blessings we have, especially at this time of year.

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