Some Tea for Two (or Just You!)

reitdesign’s longstanding mantra: to offer our clients warm wishes, thanks, and heartfelt recognition for the year. So for 2018, we chose to deliver a much-needed gift of respite to our clients amidst the meetings, shopping, to-do lists and never-done chores. Created entirely in-house, the team filled the custom-designed package with four loose teas from the local West Village tea shop McNulty’s, complete with branded reitdesign items such as a glass mug, diffuser, and coasters.

And no gift from reitdesign would be complete without a nod to our home city—our roots—New York. Resting on top of the package was an informational card which offered a surprising cache of hidden oases where one can take a moment of reflection, such as: Nap New York, The Alchemist’s Kitchen, The Inscape Studio, Breathe Salt Rooms, or the Conservatory Garden.

The ultimate goal of this package was to remind all of us to take a moment to pause, sip, savor and remember how fantastic we are!

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