The Churchill School and Center

Helping kids reach their full potential

The Churchill School and Center is a K-12 coeducational school, dedicated to working collaboratively with students, educators, and families to help children with language based learning disabilities realize their full potential.

Services Provided:
  • Print and Digital Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Annual Reports
  • Email Templates

Reit has been working with the Churchill School for over 10 years. As an institution in our neighborhood, we love being able to help and collaborate with them.

Every year, we develop a unique style for their annual report. In 2019, we designed the report in an amorphous style — using playful and organic shapes to express positivity, whimsy, and a flexibility that Churchill exudes in all their classrooms and activities. The report was a huge success in the Churchill community, and as a result they wanted to continue to develop the visual style to use across all branded pieces — reports, printed pieces, and emails. Since then, it has become their brand style.

Reit explored several design options before developing the Churchill School's final brand style.

Churchill Style Guidelines

Keeping consistency across all communications

The Churchill School needs to send out several emails to several different groups of people — parents, teachers, board members, and more. With their newly-developed brand style, we created several email templates for them to use across any and all emails they would need to send. The design elements were simple to accommodate any type of content, but effective in staying consistent with the brand style.

The Churchill Parent Guide was a small, simple brochure to increase awareness and engagement in the school’s fundraising efforts.
Churchill's latest annual report combines the styles of the 2019 report and the Parent Guide — a mix of fun and structure for all their audiences.