Maxons Restorations

Restoring your world

Maxons Restorations offers decades of expertise to help their clients successfully recover from all types of disasters.

Services Provided:
  • Digital
  • Design


Maxons came to us to create a website and refreshed positioning that would establish them as an innovative leader in the field of commercial and residential property restoration. Though the company had an unrivaled 75-year track record serving iconic New York clients — the Empire State Building, New York Public Library and Trinity Church among them — their website did not convey the depth of their expertise, breadth of their services and warmth of their culture.


As we began our discovery phase, we quickly determined the website had a dual purpose — to show the strength of the company’s services and to serve as a recruiting tool. To accomplish both goals, we centered our design and positioning work on an audience-centric line: “Restoring your world.” Using vivid video and photography of the team in action — from cleaning signature landmarks like the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to restoring fire damaged homes — we brought the company’s purpose into the heart of the work. Streamlined navigation and user flow through the site enabled visitors to find key information with one click. 

The visually-driven approach immediately differentiated the company for its competition. Typical restoration websites are staid, conservative communications centered on products and services. With our design-forward aesthetic, bold images and welcoming tone, the site expressed the essence of the company’s culture and differentiated its offerings with humanity, purpose and warmth. Custom icons, micro animations and graphic details added engaging touches that further distinguished the user experience and accessibility. 

Today, the site continues to distinguish one of New York’s most respected restoration companies, attract the brightest talent in the industry and inform site visitors as it inspires them to contact the company for projects.

Before Reit, the Maxon's website had little visual impact with one consistent header image across the site, small generic images that didn't speak to their target audience, and little hierarchy in the type.

After our redesign, the site is filled with compelling imagery that tells the story of not only their services but of the company overall.

Building for responsiveness

Translating the desktop site to mobile is something we always consider carefully. One of the key pieces of this website was Maxon’s large, striking images. We ensured that they would still be impactful, but not overpower other content.

We highlighted a few projects that Maxon's had worked on, creating a series of case studies that their clients would be able to see and know the quality of service they would receive.
Another key feature for the Maxon's team was just that -- highlighting their team and company culture. Their history, values, and testimonials are right on the home page.