Back to the basics

Every year, Reit creates a special holiday package to thank its clients, deploying the entire studio to concept, design and execute a unique and useful offering.

Services Provided:
  • Concepting
  • Package Design
  • Communicator
  • Summit International
  • Davey
  • Indigo Design
  • The Dieline
  • PPAI Business2Business Programs

In 2019, our theme was “back to the basics,” providing recipients with delicious holiday movie themed popcorn recipes they could create on their own using our branded popcorn and special bowl. Created entirely in-house, the team assembled two specialty popcorns and various toppings into the branded Reit box and popcorn bowl and made sure to include their holiday movie recommendations.

Client response was outstanding—wowed by the beautiful packaging and appreciative of the lovely reminder to bring it back to the basics during the holidays!

It's all in the details

For each of our holiday promos throughout the years, we make sure we’re presenting the very best to our clients. With extensive research, we chose all the products and ingredients with care.

To add some of the team’s personality, everyone at Reit chose their own favorite holiday movie to pair with the popcorn toppings and flavors.