Underscore Marketing

Building the foundation for a family of brands

Underscore is a worldwide strategic media company with an integrated team of cross-media specialists.

Services Provided:
  • Brand Architecture
  • Branding
  • Brand Guidelines

When Underscore wanted to expand their brand, they came to Reit to built their brand architecture. As Underscore is an established brand, we had to expand and build upon their existing foundation. These new sub-brands needed to be a part of the overall Underscore brand, but also be able to stand on their own.

To start, we had to determine the appropriate relationship the new sub-brand would have to give it the same credibility. The connection of brand to sub-brand sets the tone for how the sub-brand operates. Each tagline was carefully crafted with these things in mind.

The thoughtfully constructed architecture wouldn’t be complete without a brand system to bring the concepts to life. We not only had to build upon the existing elements of the Underscore brand, but expand them to work across several new brands.

An Underscore Company
Simple brand/sub-brand relationship
Part of the Underscore Network
An expression that implies a larger organization
Powered by Underscore
An expression giving credit to the parent brand

Creating a cohesive brand story

As these new companies are still under the Underscore brand, we needed to set up flexible assets that would work across several names, applications, and colors. To relate back to the Underscore brand, we incorporated their dark blue brand color in the consistent pieces of the logos — the striking slash mark and our final tagline, “An Underscore Company.” The flexibility comes in with the names of each brand and their associated color.