Liz Reitman

5 min | Client Spotlights

Reit’s 2021 Year in Review

2021 was another wild ride, but the team at Reit hit some major accomplishments in the midst of it all! We’re proud of what we’ve done this year and compiled some of our favorite moments, milestones, and highlights. Join us as we sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of our journey back through time…


Collaborated with longtime client partner and NYC staple, Javits Center, to design, develop, and deliver their COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses across New York City deeply and abruptly, none more so than the events industry which came to a grinding halt in 2020.  When the Javits Center was tapped to transform its space into a hospital facility and later a vaccination center, Reit recognized there was an opportunity not just to heal bodies, but to elevate hearts and minds. Our team created over 60 Javits Center graphics with 80 translations projected within the facility TV screens and the Jumbotron along the busy 11th Avenue thoroughfare and shared across social media feeds, underscoring the support, community, strength, and resilience New York is known for. Public reaction was enthusiastic and appreciative, generating thousands of reactions, social media shares, and news coverage. Spoiler alert: Reit won SILVER at the Davey Awards for our Integrated COVID Campaign!


Reconnected with previous client, NPD, to create their new digital ad campaign.

NPD, an analytics engine powering brands’ data-driven decisions, needed support creating and promoting their new publishing products, U.S. Manga Data Service and NPD PubTrack Digital Audio, in concert with the 20th anniversary of their successful BookScan product launch. Reit combined our digital design expertise with our marketing experience to design, manage, and execute the digital ad campaign for NPD’s Books Group publishing sector. 


Launched NYC Audubon Society’s new branding and website design.

Reit worked with a great group of conservationists to refresh NYC Audubon Society’s brand and redesign their website. From logo and color concepts to UX/UI design, it’s all in the details! This design soars high above the city skyline and is one you sure don’t want to miss. Spoiler alert: Reit won GOLD at the Summit International Awards for our redesign!


Created two unique branding identities for SL Green Realty, one of NYC’s largest real estate corporations.

Reit collaborated with SL Green to deliver several individual brand concepts — including logo development and color paletting — in addition to crafting advertisements and messaging. What’s special about this client is that each of SL Green’s projects has its own branding unique to each building. Reit also had a hand in developing the UX, wireframes, and website design of the iconic Lipstick building (885 Third Avenue, between East 53rd Street and 54th Street).


Rebranded reitdesign, inc. to Reit!

We changed our name and rebooted our look to better reflect our core values and our future outlook. There’s a lot of thought that went into Reit’s redesign and we’re hopeful that this new iteration pays homage to our heritage and resilience, while also signifying what we’re looking towards in the future. Check out our new website and read on for the reasons behind the rebrand.


Announced Reit’s new client, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.

Reit is proud to work with Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on their sweet new branding and design initiatives, which will launch as we approach the warmer months! 


Toasted our fearless leader, Liz Reitman, on her new leadership roles!

In addition to running Reit, our founder Liz Reitman took on two Nonprofit Board Positions for Entrepreneurs’ Organization of New York (EONY). She serves as the Vice President of the New York Chapter and spearheads the Mentorship Program, which offers 1:1 mentorship opportunities for EONY members and M/WBE entrepreneurs. With her leadership this year, the Mentorship Program Team doubled participation from EONY members and almost tripled participation from our partner organizations. Learn more about Liz’s experience as a women leader (alongside EONY President, Debbie Kiederer) in Part 1 of our series: Women Founders In Focus.


Promoted Elizabeth Hajny to Reit's lead designer!

We profiled Elizabeth in our August Meet The Team to share more about her work at Reit and what she does for fun.


Won big during awards season!

Reit’s work with a broad range of clients was awarded at the 2021 Summit International Awards and the Davey Awards

🥇 New York City Audubon Rebrand (Summit International Awards) 

🥈 ENTRADA Rebrand (Summit International Awards)

🥈 Cresimo Packaging (Davey Awards)

🥈 ENTRADA Rebrand (Davey Awards)

🥈 Javits Center Integrated COVID Campaign (Davey Awards)


Developed branding project for longtime colleague and previous client Russell Markman.

Our work with Russell goes back to our beginnings at Barnes and Noble College Group and we’re psyched to now partner with Russell on his own venture, Collegiate Retail Consulting Group, to reimagine campus retail. Reit was responsible for concepting the logo, tagline, messaging, and web UX design to help establish Russell’s consulting group as a leader in the field. With strong client relationships and knowledge of the market, Reit was up to the task.


Celebrated a milestone anniversary!

Liz Reitman signed the reitdesign LLC papers on this day 26 years ago. Last year we wrote about our experience celebrating 25 years… and we’re sharing again to commemorate this anniversary.


Finalizing launch details for Liz Reitman’s newest venture: Other Parents Like Me.

Other Parents Like Me (OPLM) was founded to address the growing crisis of teenage substance use and mental health issues — by creating an empowered digital community of parents supporting parents with help, hope, and healing. Reit’s design, branding, messaging, marketing, and website development have been critical to establishing OPLM’s look, feel, and digital footprint. Watch this space for OPLM January 2022 launch — and if this resonates with you or you know someone who could benefit from joining this community, pre-register to become a founding member and save 50% on membership.