Liz Reitman

5 min | Leadership & Management Musings

The Best Way Forward is Through: Reframing Challenges as Opportunity

To say COVID-19 has pulled everyone out of their comfort zones would be a gross understatement.

As a business owner, it largely goes unsaid that the uncertainty and changes we’re experiencing in our current climate are challenging; not only are we navigating our regular workload, but on top of that we’ve had to transition our workforces, make crucial business decisions, and navigate small business loans — just to name a few. And if you’re a parent, top off your to-do list with remote learning

This time is incredibly demanding to say the least, and new hurdles seem to come at us everyday and in every facet of our lives.

But what if we chose to reframe these challenges as opportunities? What if we decided to shift our perspective and embrace change, knowing full well that we may not have all the answers?

At reitdesign, we’re always pushing the envelope, which is inherently uncomfortable. In order to know what we don’t know, we’re constantly learning and moving out of our comfort zones. And even if the world is moving under our feet, here we like to think there’s no time quite like the present.

We’ve had transformational change happen in just a few short months: we’ve moved out of our office (which we’ve called home for over 16 years); we’ve shifted operations to remote-first; and we’re rebranding (more to come soon!). We’ve also doubled down on what matters most: our clients, our people, and our city — the people who’ve had a hand in building reitdesign into who we are today and the place that has been critical to our origins and continued growth.

If we’ve learned anything from our past 25 years in business (including this year), it’s that there are times that force us to shift whether or not we’re ready. And even with all the unprecedented transitions, it’s given us the chance to pivot quickly and practice new ways of working, living, and communicating — with our clients, our team, our people, and our city. Some adjustments are more seamless than others, but there is beauty in the work.

We’ve certainly had our downs during this time, but with the right mindset we can turn our outlook towards opportunity — and there’s something engaging and empowering in that sentiment alone. So why not take the bull by the horns? From our perspective, the best way forward is through.