Liz Reitman

5 min | The reit Way

The Reit Way: Adding the Magic Touch to Cresimo Packaging

Holidays on your mind? Nothing can transport us to that magical moment quite like a holiday drink!

The team at Reit had the treat of working with Cresimo on a new branding packaging project to take that metaphorical feeling into the physical realm.

Reit was tasked with creating a cohesive visual identity across Cresimo’s family of brands that was fun and “magical,” while distinguishing a unique look and feel for each product.

We started with a mood board to hone in on the metaphorical components our client wanted to get across — “magical” can mean something wildly different from one person to the next!

We loved this process so much, we’ve incorporated it into our other design projects!

This was the brand’s former visual identity. Each product’s packaging was different; from coffee thermoses to cocktail shaker sets, we had our work cut out for us!

We looked at the whole visual experience. Packaging is a 3D world and we wanted to make sure every touchpoint a Cresimo customer experienced was an engaging, magical one.

To make each product unique, we added recipe ideas within each package. A great gift idea for those just getting started with at-home signature cocktails or for veteran coffee makers interested in crafting an elevated treat (hint, hint)!

Product packaging is not only a visual experience, it’s also a physical experience. We worked with Cresimo to select packaging that makes the colors pop, feels cool to the touch, and brings the Cresimo brand to life.

Cocktails and coffee aren’t only served during the holiday season. We wanted our branding to extend far beyond any celebratory occasion, to elevate even everyday experiences. Our visual identity reflects that “out of this world” feeling.

The final product!